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Two Factor Authentication

Set Two Factor Authentication in XEOX


More than one device needs the same information but editing every single one individually is tedious. This is a guide to Multi-Edit.

Caching Proxy Server for Windows Updates

More than one PC is downloading a big Windows Update or Software Package and the WAN connection overloads.

Agent Rollout via Active Directory Policy

We are not using .MSI packages since the installation is normally just done when the computer is restarted, which is not always possible for servers.

Organisation and Agent configuration

Some jobs need to be configured for a specific time and amount to run on your hardware


Only devices with certain attributes are needed.


Proxy und NAS variables should be used.

Network Cards

Depending on the type of network card, they may or may not be automatically added to the hardware.

Printer Shares

When multiple locations access a server, people may select a printer in the wrong location.

Wuinstall Source

What is the best type of Wuinstall source to compile?

Select hardware from list

I have a list of devices in Excel or similar that I want to select in XEOX, for example to create a job, edit a hardware field via Mulitedit (e.g. order number).

Firewall settings XEOX Agent and Integrations

There is a problem with the firewall.

Application Insights

The purpose of the Application Insights item is unclear.

Manage Service Provider

You are a service provider and want to be able to use certain functions

Service Center Updates Publisher

Third party updates should be installed.

System 32

There is a problem with the system32 folder.

Reg Files in XEOX

A .reg file needs to be created and executed via a Job in XEOX.


Mimikatz is a well known tool that can extract Windows plaintexts passwords, hashes, PIN code and kerberos tickets from memory.

Copy and Move Agents

XEOX has the possibility of moving individual agents of your customers to the appropriate sub organizations.

Login with Microsoft

Learn how to login with your Microsoft Account

Install MSI Package from Network Share

Learn how to install a custom software package from a Windows network share.

Create Windows network share for software distribution

Using the Network Share feature on Windows is the best method to share files in a local network, as it is more flexible.

Agent Auto Update

Change the Agent Auto Update Settings

Agent Rollout via Intune

An alternative to Agent Rollout via Active Directory Policy.

XEOX Policy for assigning Printer Shares

Learn how to automatically assign Printer Shares via XEOX Policies.

AD Groups