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Agent Auto Update

Change the Agent Auto Update Settings

You are able to set Agent Auto Updates under Administration - Settings - Agent auto update. XEOX makes sure, that not all devices are updated at the same time, to ensure internet speed.

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The Default Setting is always Current, which is also the recommended setting for agent updates.

LST gives you the newest long-term version of the agent.

Release Candidate is like a beta version of the agent, it’s the newest, sometimes with new functions, but it’s not tested comprehensively.

If you click on a hardware in the CMDB or Update Center to access it’s information, you are also able to select different Agent Auto Update settings per device, in case you for example want to test the Release Candidate on one of your devices.

To change the setting, click on the version of the agent on the right hand corner of the Hardware information page. Default Organization Settings are the settings you have in the Administration - Settings section.

Notion image
Notion image
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