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Service Center Updates Publisher

Third party updates should be installed.


Third party updates should be installed.


SCUP (System Center Update Publisher) is a free tool from Microsoft that transfers software catalogs as well as definition and software updates from third parties to a WSUS server. These updates can then be processed further in Config Manager.

Configure SCUP:

To configure SCUP, it must first be integrated into WSUS. To do this, you must first define WSUS under Update Server in SCUP. Please note that a certificate is required for communication. This can be selected in the Signing Certificate section or created as a self-signed certificate if required. After that you must only place it in the appropriate places.

Importing third-party catalogs:

When the Software Updates view is expanded under the Software Update Library workspace, you can select third-party software update catalogs. Then select Subscribe to Catalog from the ribbon. Once this is done and the catalog is downloaded, it must be synchronized with the WSUS database with the Configuration Manager database. Start the Software Updates synchronization manually. Next, the Service Update Provider must be synchronized to the Configuration Manager. Start the Software Updates synchronization manually again. When the synchronization completes, you can see the third-party updates in the All-Updates node.

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