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XEOX Policy for assigning Printer Shares

Learn how to automatically assign Printer Shares via XEOX Policies.

In order to automatically assign Printer Shares, you have to create a policy.

To start, go to Job Center - Job Templates - Job Template Library. XEOX provides you with two templates:

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  • Printer assignment

Just tries to connect to the printer.

  • Printer assignment with connection check

Makes a ping on the print server beforehand and if this is not available, it doesn’t make an assignment.


Copy the template you want to use to your own library, by clicking on the copy button. You need to copy it for the next step.

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All agent versions need to be >

Now you have to access Job Center - Policies and click on the create button.

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Ensure that you select On user logon in the Execution Frequency section while setting up the policy. This will guarantee that whenever a user logs in to the device, a logon user event is generated. This event verifies the presence of an appropriate policy, and if found, a job is automatically generated using the template and executed on the device.

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Lastly select the job template and hardware you want to use.

You can only select templates that you have copied to your own template library.
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