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Proxy und NAS variables should be used.


Proxy und NAS variables should be used.


Define IP Plan

To define variables in an IP plan, you must configure the variable under IP Plan - Subnet. If you press Create new Subnet, you can specify what the subnet is about.

Notion image
Notion image

When downloading the IP plan or running Wuinstall, the configuration is pre-set and doesn't require additional specifications. If a variable has been previously defined, it will be disregarded and applied during download and execution. The subnets follow a hierarchical structure, and the network that best aligns with the accessing device is automatically selected. Any new configuration added will also be inherited hierarchically.

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Use in jobs

When creating a new job, you can override proxy and nas. When Execute in the Toolbox is used, and the executable directory is changed to Custom, a path can be entered. It is checked whether the variable from the path exists and can be replaced. This is especially useful when you need different variables on sub-devices.

Notion image

For example, if "\$NAS" is entered as the path, you will be able to overwrite nas on the hardware.

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