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Install MSI Package from Network Share

Learn how to install a custom software package from a Windows network share.

Install MSI Package from Network Share

The XEOX Agent runs as “Local System Account”, which means that it needs to have access to the software sources on the network share. By allowing the "Domain Computers" group to access the network share, you are granting permissions to the “Local System Account” to install the software package.
Hint: Never share your username and password in an install script or anywhere else. Instead, use secure methods like certificates or tokens to authenticate yourself and authorize access to sensitive resources.
You can learn more on how to create a network share for software distribution by checking this article
You can learn how to verify the access by reading this article.

XEOX | Dashboard

1. Click on Job Center…

2. Click on Job Templates…

3. Click on Create

4. Type "7zip Install from Share"

5. Drag highlighted list

6. Click on Executable Directory

7. Select Custom Directory

8. Type "c:\windows\system32"

9. Type "msiexec.exe"

10. Add MSI options (modify server, share and msi name)

e.g. /i "\\server\Software_Distribution\7zip.msi" /qb- /norestart

11. Click on Save

12. Click on Save

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