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Job Center


Overview and explaination of the Job Center

Manage multiple Hardware

If you want to create a job for more than one device, you are able to select as many devices as you like.

Tags / Excluded Hardware

Tags are similar to what you do with multiple hardware but rather than selecting every device manually you can use a tag, to include all the devices with a specific tag.


The ability to run multiple tasks is especially useful if you want to run the same task for multiple devices but not at the same time.


Learning how to schedule a job.


If you want to repeat a job always at the same time you can convert it to a cron job.


You are able to set jobs you need more frequently as favorites.

Dynamic parameters

In case of an organisation with geographically distributed networks you may want to execute some Job actions depending on their current network.

Append Automation

How to append a job to another job.

Update List

In the Job Center you can create update lists where updates can be combined in a list.


When creating jobs, wizards are available to make creating a job easier.


Scripts are the less complex and extensive alternative to Software Library.

Software Library

With software libraries you can program anything you want. In the Toolbox are different functions with which you can assemble a program.


Description of the different tool in the toolbox


The calendar shows a schedule of which jobs will be executed at what time and date they will be executed.

System Automations

System jobs run periodically.