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Verify that XEOX agents have access to software packages on a network file share

Learn how to check if the XEOX Agent has access to software packages on a network file share.

The XEOX Agent runs as “Local System Account”, which means that it needs to have access to the software sources on the network share. By allowing the "Domain Computers" group to access the network share, you are granting permissions to the “Local System Account” to install the software package.

1. Click on Job Center

2. Click on Current Jobs

3. Click on Create

4. Click on "Job name"

5. Type "Verify Access Network Share"

6. Select Hardware

7. Drag and drop the action "Execute"

8. Select Custom Directory

9. Select Path and enter "c:\windows\system32"

10. Type here

11. Select "Executable" and enter "cmd.exe"

12. Select Arguments and enter the path that you want to check.

e.g. /c dir \\servername\xeox$\Rollout\Packages\Source\Ready\Teamviewer\MSI"

Replace the path according to you path.

13. Click on "Save"

14. Click on "Save"

15. Click on "Yes"

16. Click on the job name

17. Click on the "Hardware"

18. The job result dialog opens and when the XEOX Agent has access to the share it will show you the output of the dir command

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