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Communication Problems

From missing hardware to problems with installment

Hardware is missing

  • Is the "Agent" installed on the machine?
  • Is the "Agent" Service running?
  • Network connection: Is it possible to access * without additional authentications on firewalls/proxy.

No Update Status available

If the hardware has the State Online, the communication is working. Most of the time the Problem is located in the Microsoft Windows API.

Agent cannot be installed on Windows 7

Agent / Install error log shows following message:

registerPatchallService failed, exception: SSL Error: WINHTTP_CALLBACK_STATUS_FLAG_CERT_DATE_INVALID SLL certificate is expired.

Since it is a Windows 7 client, probably a root or intermediate certificate is missing in the certifcate store.

Please verify if the following certificates are installed on your Windows 7 machine:

  • ISRG Root X1
  • ISRG Root X2
  • Let’s Encrypt R3

Otherwise download and install the missing certificate from

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