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Update List

In the Job Center you can create update lists where updates can be combined in a list.

In the Job Center, you can generate update lists that combine updates in a list. You can then use these lists as Allow or Deny lists by adding the previously created update list to either the Denied Updates List or Allowed Updates List when creating a job for Wuinstall.

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Deny List

Creating a Deny-List enables you to exclude updates that you do not wish to install for various reasons. By using this method, all updates are installed except for those specified in the Deny-List. For instance, you can create a job that installs updates that are 30 days old or older, with the exception of those on the Deny-List. Subsequently, you can create a second job to install all updates, including new ones, but exclude those on the Deny-List for test devices. This allows you to test which updates work and which ones don't on the test devices, and you have 30 days to add them to the Deny-List.

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Allow List

The Allow-List method allows you to install only the updates that are listed, requiring a review of each update to be individually added to the list. You can view available updates in the Update Center, research them on the Internet, and then include them on the list. This approach ensures that only desired updates are installed on the devices.

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The Inheritance feature enables Update Lists to be stored and shared across multiple computers or organizations. By selecting the inherit button, the Update List becomes accessible to the organization and all of its sub-organizations. This is particularly beneficial when a uniform allow or deny list is required to be used by everyone.

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