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Job Center

Overview and explaination of the Job Center

Getting Started

Using jobs, you have the ability to manage the agent installed on your computer. You can specify particular tasks and their timing and frequency, like scheduling updates and device restarts. Moreover, you have the option to name the job or use the "Create" button. Furthermore, a filter can be applied to specify which devices will be affected by the job.

Notion image
Notion image

In this example, the device will be updated and rebooted.

PROXY Variable

The proxy variable can be established by configuring the subnet. Once you have defined the variable in the subnet configuration, it will be automatically employed during the download process.

This applies to both wuinstall download and install. If a proxy has already been defined, the variable will be disregarded. In cases where the proxy has been set, it will be used for all wuinstall operations, including download and execute.

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