Keep Windows Clients uptodate

Usually Windows clients should install the Updates automatically. Since some clients are powered on forever, the Windows way of installation is not working. If e.g. an update requires a reboot, Windows is waiting forever and no more updates are installed on the machine.

For such cases, we found following solution:

  • Create a "Cron Job", once a Day e.g. every Wednesday early in the morning
  • The job should have a long runtime. e.g. > 5 hours
  • Check if a reboot is required
    • if not => Just force the normal Windows Update Installation
    • if a reboot is required: Send a Message to the logged in user and reboot

We have tested this "Cron Job" at several customers and the user acceptance was good. Nobody likes to install Windows Updates but with this job we found a good balance between security (=installing the Updates) and needling the users. For special users, you can add a Exclude Hardware tag.

Example Job