AD Integration

In order to create an AD sync job you will have to use the wizard. By clicking on the orange create button on the menu list, you get a selection of wizards you can you. In order to do an AD Integration you must select AD sync job.


The first thing you will see is a popup box that prompts you to select the hardware, or tags, that should integrate the AD.

Wizard Step 1

If you click on next, you will be given a selection of AD types that you want the previous selected devices to sync with.

Wizard Step 2

Next you can decide if you want to update existing CMDB entries and whether you want to create new entries for new AD users.

Wizard Step 3

The last step is to decide if you want to run the job now, schedule it or make it a cron job. You can also choose the timezone for the scheduling.

Wizard Step 4

After doing that you'll get a summary of your settings and be able to save the job. If the job is done, you can find the information under AD Export Report.