Test Cases

Connection to switch

st=>start: Start e=>end: Success |success e2=>end: Error: wrong VLAN setting in PNAC |invalid e3=>end: No network access granted | success e4=>end: Guest VLAN granted |success e5=>end: Error on Router/Firewall |invalid e6=>end: Error on Router / ACL |invalid cond=>condition: Known Device is the device in the correct VLAN? cond2=>condition: verify IP address / Subnet cond3=>condition: Can I access the coorporate network? cond4=>condition: got an IP address cond5=>condition: Connection st->cond cond(yes)->cond2 cond(no)->cond4 cond2(yes)->cond3 cond2(no)->e2 cond3(yes)->e cond3(no)->e6 cond4(yes)->cond5 cond4(no)->e3 cond5(yes)->e4 cond5(no)->e5

Connection with VoIP

st=>start: Switch op=>operation: VoIP Telephone cond=>condition: Device st->op->cond
VoIP Telephone is working device is working comments
VoIP Telephone known [o]
VoIP Telephone unknown [x]
Device known [o] [o]
Device unknown [o] [x] depending on the switch it could be the case that VoIP also doesn't work if the device is unknown

Connection with deskswitch

st=>start: Switch cond=>condition: Deskswitch |approved op=>operation: Device op2=>operation: second Device st->cond cond(yes)->op cond(no)->op2
device 1 is working device 2 is working comments
device 1 known [o]
device 1 unknown [x]
device 2 known [o] [o]
device 2 unknown [o] [x] depending on the switch either both don't work or the unknown one does not work