Building Plan


XEOX is using following schema for the location of hardware and Persons:

  • Sites
  • Building
  • Sub-Buildings (e.g. Floors)
  • Rooms
  • Racks


New Site You can create a Site and the Subnet (see IPPlan) in one step.

List Site

New Hardware

For new hardware following algorithm will automatically select the site:

  1. Search for a Subnet (IPPlan). If found => use the Site from the Subnet. \ e.g. if the hardware has an IP address from the range 10.1.x.x. it would be assigned to Vienna. If 10.2.x.x it would be assigned to Klagenfurt. For all other, see step 2.

  2. One Site in your company can be the Default Site. New Hardware would be assigned to this site.

Building Plan

Once you have created a site, you can define Buildings, Floors, Rooms and Racks.

Building Plan 1

Example: Building Plan 2

After you have defined your Rooms, you can use them for Hardare Locations:\ e.g. press the Button under Room and select the Room from the Dialog Hardware Assigmnent


You can create a Rack in a room. This can be used for Network Devices. e.g. Assign a Switch to a Rack: Rack Assigmnent

Permanent Cabling

From Patchpanel to Socket

To create the permanent cabling it is best to start from the patch panel. Before you do this, you should create a complete building plan, i.e. all rooms that you want to connect from the patch panel should be created first.

Creating the Patch Panels: Create Patch Panel

Creating the Patch Panels - Ports\ You can create a range of ports in one step. e.g. A1 til A16 Create Patch Panel

Create Patch Panel

Symbol\ means that the port has no connection to a socket. So you have to define a connection to a socket.

Select Assign Endpoints from the Burger Menu


and select the Room where the Socket is located. e.g. Room 102. After pressing create socket following will happen:

  1. a new socket in Room 102 will be created
  2. a link (wire) between patchpanel port A1 and Socket A1 in Room 102 will be established.

Now you see the link on the Patch panel\ Symbol

Create a Socket in a Room manually

You can create manually a socket. e.g. in Room 103 Symbol

Than you can make the link from Socket to Patchpanel Symbol


Or from the other side, Patchpanel to Socket Symbol

It makes no difference whether you go from Patchpanel to Socket or from Socket to Patchpanel.

Create a Link between Patch Panels

Connections between distribution rooms are often realized via patch panels. Patch panels are installed on both sides. In order to map this cabling, first both patch panels must be created with the corresponding ports. Afterwards a connection can be created between two ports.