Hardware Tags

XEOX System Tags

Automatically following tags will be assigned to each hardware:

Hardware Class

e.g. Notebook, Desktop, Server

Operation System

e.g. Windows10, Windows2016


For each of your sites a tag will be created automatically.

Windows 10 Suberversion

e.g. W10_1709, W10_1909, ...

Windows Features

  • Active Directory Domain Serice for Domain Controllers
  • DHCP Server
  • DNS Server (on Domain Controllers)
  • Print Server
  • ...


  • x64 for 64 Bit AMD/Intel

Agent Behavior


If you assign the tag WEBSOCKET to a Windows Client (Destop or Notebook), the Agent on the machine will use a Websocket connection for a faster response. Server Operating systems are using Websockets automatically. Also for small customers with less than 10 devices Websockets are enabled by default.

In case of Websockets the agent is responding to jobs immediately (few seconds). Otherwise you have to wait up to 15 minutes for a hardware to begin with a job.

NoWebsocket disables websockets.

For changes at the websocket behavior a service restart on the Windows machine is required. This can be done in Windows Service Manager or with a job / action "Agent restart"


With the tag DebugAgent" requests between server and agent are logged and stored on the device.


This is a very simple solution for a base monitoring.

XEOX is checking the heartbeats of devices with the 24x7 tag. If an Agent isn't sending heartbeats for longer than a few minutes, an e-mail would be send.

In case of network problems (e.g. firewall down, Internet Provider problem, ...) or Hardware reboot after update no e-mail would be send to prevent spamming you with useless e-mails.

To receive Alerts please subsribe to OTHER / Notification Mail for 24/7 Tag.

Custom Tags:

Feel free to order / group your hardware with custom tags. Tags can also be used for jobs. e.g. group a list of devices with a tag and make a job for these group.