Hardware Class and Type

With Hardware Classes your hardware can be grouped.

Automatically following Classes are defined

  • Desktop: Windows PC without WIFI and Battery
  • Notebook: Windows PC with Battery and/or WIFI
  • Server: Microsoft Server OS is installed
  • vDesktop: Windows Client OS installed in a virtual environment

If the hardware class changes only the following tags are set or removed, when classifying or assigning the hardware class:

  • Desktop
  • Notebook
  • Sever
  • vDesktop
  • Mobile
  • Voice
  • Printer
  • Network
  • Other

Each Hardware Class can have a list of Hardware Types


Hardware Class Notebook could have a list of all your Notebook models in your orgainisation. e.g Dell Latitiude Exxxx

Custom Fields

When you create a new hardware or edit an already existing one, you can also create costum fields to store possibly needed information via the hardware. There is a subcategory called Costum Fields, where you can enter the supplemental information. If you click on Columns in the overall view of the hardware and insert the costum fields as described, they can also be displayed per hardware class.

Make Custom Fields Hardware list Show additional tags Hardware list with additional tags