Wuinstall Source


What is the best type of Wuinstall source to compile?


There are several options for Wuinstall, which in turn release other updates. The possibilities are Microsoft, Windows, WSUS and GPO Default.

  • Microsoft

    Has all updates that are related to or supported by Microsoft.

  • Windows

    Are only the Windows updates of the device.

  • WSUS und GPO Default

    Share updates that have been released and are therefore deemed appropriate for the device. However, unlike GPO Default, you must own and download WSUS yourself, while GPO Default is available to everyone.

There are two instances when it is necessary to specify the Wuinstall source.

  • In the Update Center:

    The Update Center searches for updates that the computer may be able to install. Therefore, it is recommended to use a source that contains as many updates as possible, in this case e.g., Microsoft. If something with fewer updates is used, it can happen that important updates are not found.

  • In the Job:

    When you create a Wuinstall job, you must choose which updates will be installed. Here it is recommended to use as Wuinstall Source something that only installs updates that are wanted, e.g., WSUS or GPO Default.

Select Wuinstall Source