Organisation and Agent configuration


Some jobs need to be configured for a specific time and amount to run on your hardware


Daily search job

Daily search job

There are different possibilities for this configuration. In this screenshot the daily scan job is executed between 9:00 am and 04:00 pm, every 24 hours and after a minimum uptime of 5 minutes.

The maximum interval for daily scan jobs is 72 hours.

Update Service:

This option sets the specified service which will be used for searching for updates.

You can choose between:

  • Default:
    • Use Update Service configured in your Group Policy
  • WSUS:
    • Use all Updates configured on your WSUS Server
  • Microsoft Update:
    • Use Updates for all Microsoft products including Windows, Office ..
  • Windows Update:
    • Use only Windows Updates


We recommend using either Microsoft Update or Windows Update for the settings. The Agent will still only use WSUS but it will check directly against the official Update Catalog. This ensures that no updates will be missed.

Agent Version

Here you can configure the minimum version of the agent for your hardware. Hardware which has a version < Min. Agent version will automatically be updated to the Min. Agent version.

Agent settings

Agent settings

This configures the behavior of agents/servers during registration.



Here you can disable the e-mail notification for your organization.

Hardware/Site assignment

Hardware and Site assignment

This Configuration controls Hardware to Site assignment in your Organisation. Normally your hardware will be assigned at the first registration.

In some situations, it may be necessary to move already assigned hardware to a new Site. This behavior is controlled by the 'Every time' configuration parameter.

Hardware Type update

Hardware Type Update

This configuration controls hardware type updates from the inventory. Normally your hardware type will be assigned at the first registration.

Use 'Every time' to update the Hardware Type on every inventory but if hardware class changes the hardware type will not be updated.

With 'Every time including hardware class' the hardware type and hardware class will be updated on every inventory.

If you use the default, 'New Hardware', only the new hardware gets assigned a Hardware Class and Type, it will not be updated in case it changes.

Alternatively you could use Multi-Edit to replace the current Hardware Type with the calculated Hardware Type from the inventory.