Network Cards


Depending on the type of network card, they may or may not be automatically added to the hardware.


When adding network cards, there are three cases that are handled in 2 ways.

  • Built-in network card::

    It is automatically added to the hardware because they cannot be expanded.

  • USB adapter with its own MAC address:

    Since the adapter can be unplugged and plugged in at another device, multiple devices can have the same MAC address, namely the one of the adapters and not the device itself and this causes inconsistencies. Therefore, USB network cards are not automatically added to the hardware.

  • A docking station:

    For example from Dell, is a special case and is therefore not treated the same as a USB adapter, because it only works with pass through. This means it is only an extension of the built-in network card and does not have its own MAC address. The address is only forwarded from the actual network card. This is automatically added to the hardware.