Only devices with certain attributes are needed.


There are three important settings: AND, OR and NOT.

  • AND is used to search for devices that have all attributes that you searched for, for example:

Filter AND

  • with OR a device only has to have one Attribute that is selected to be shown in the list, but can have more.

Filter OR

  • NOT reverses the filter, for example if you are searching for desktops and use the not function it will show you all devices, except the ones that have the desktop tag

Filter NOT

Every column in the list has its own filter function that allows you to search for specific things and not only tags.

Filter Column

If you found an arrangement you like, you can make a tag for it with selecting the devices you want to put the tag on, by clicking the Manage Tags Button.

Select Devices


Create Filter

In order to filter specific things, the user can create a new filter. Upon clicking the "Filter" button in the CMDB a window is opened that allows you to specify what this filter does. First you have to select a field that is affected by the filter, you can only choose one at a time. Depending on the field you selected, the conditions you can choose from will change. Select the condition you want and then specify the value that the filed has to, or can't, have.

Create Filter

Filter Example

The Condition button allows the user to add another condition to the existing one. You can choose if you want to connect the conditions with AND or OR.

Another Condition

If the condition is done, you can also work with the block function. It creates a new block, which functions like the brackets. This allows you to make complexer filter. You can, for example create a filter for the hostname that either has the hostname contain the letter "A" or has the hostname start with "B" and contains "E". In the left-hand corner, you can determine if you need to use AND or OR for the condition.