Update List

In the Job Center you can create update lists where updates can be combined in a list. These lists can then be used as Allow or Deny lists by adding the previously created update list to either the Denied Updates List or Allowed Updates List when creating a job for Wuinstall.




Deny List

A Deny-List selects the updates that you do not want to install for various reasons. With this method, all updates are installed except for those on the Deny-List. In doing so, you can for example create a job that installs only updates that are 30 days old or older, except for the updates on the Deny-List. Then you create a second job that installs all updates, even new ones, except for the updates on the Deny-List on test devices. With this method you can test on the test devices which updates work and which don’t, and you have 30 days to put them on the Deny-List.


Allow List

With the Allow-List, only updates are installed that are on the update list. In doing so, each update must be individually reviewed and packed onto the list. In the Update Center, for example, you can view updates, and consider and inform yourself on the Internet, which updates you want to have and then put them on the list. This method has the advantage that only updates that you really want are installed on the devices.



Inheritance allows Update lists to be stored and shared not only on one computer or one organisation. When checking the inherit button, the Update Lists is accessible by the organisation and all sub-organisations. This is especially useful if everyone is required to use the same allow or deny list for example.