If you use PNAC you can create a job that reads the list of switches. This happens with a SNMP protocol and you can read out the following things:

  • mac -> shows you which mac is on what port


  • inventory -> general informaton about switch, port, speed, alert and serial number


nothing -> data is read out and stored on the server

nothing mac nothing mac nothing inventory nothing inventory

update -> * update inventory completes the Active Network Components

  • mac assigns the hardware to a port (if that is possible)

update mac update mac update inventory update inventory

alert -> is only able for mac and emails an alert, when the mac on a port gets changed.

alert mac alert mac

You can combine SNMP only with an email which sends the data and you are only able to choose the switches in groups witch a tag. This only works, if the switch has an IP address and a community string and it has to get assigned to a radius sever.