You can also have more tasks in one job. This is especially useful when you have for example three network controller and one should always run but you want to update and reboot them. For such a case you can have task number 1 update and reboot controller 1 and only until this is finished the job starts task 2 where you update and reboot controller 2 and 3. You can set the time every task is allowed to take and also the maximum length the job in general can take.

Tasks Tasks

Job->ADC1:Task 1 Note right of ADC1: does reboot and install updates three times, \n then reboots again and searches for new updates ADC1->Job:Done Job->ADC2:Task 2 Job->ADC3:Task 2 Note right of ADC3: ADC2 and ADC3 simultaneously reboot and install updates three times, \n then reboot again and search for new updates ADC2->Job:Done ADC3->Job:Done