Dynamic parameters

In case of an organisation with geographicaly distributet networks you may want to execute some Job actions depending on their current network.

e.g. "Software Rollout"

For this case you can use your subnet configurations in as dynamic parameters.

Following actions are supported:

  • download
    • url
  • execute
    • Executable
    • Arguments
  • upload
    • Path
    • File

For more info about subnet configurations see:

Subnet Configuration


Download File from local NAS:

Download Action

What happens here?

Depending on the subnet of your hardware XEOX will replace the variables $nasip and $naspublicpath with configuration values from your subnet configuration.

Following rules are applied:

  • If no configuration was found, XEOX will replace the variable with an empty string ""

  • IP addresses from WIRED network cards are preferred

  • XEOX uses the best matching subnet containing the variable

    • e.g. for ip

    • XEOX prefers configurations in versus