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Tags / Excluded Hardware

Tags are similar to what you do with multiple hardware but rather than selecting every device manually you can use a tag, to include all the devices with a specific tag.

Tags offer a simpler alternative to manually selecting multiple hardware devices, as they enable you to include all devices with a specific tag. For instance, you can use the tag "all server" to group together all server devices. Additionally, the "excluded hardware" field allows you to exclude specific devices from the selected group. For example, you might want to include all desktops except for one.

Tags can also be useful when excluding certain devices. For instance, if you have a "Do not reboot" tag, you can select all devices to reboot but exclude any device with that tag to ensure that it won't be restarted.

In the image below, all desktops have been selected except for those with Windows 10 installed.

Notion image

By clicking on either the tag or the eye icon, you can view which devices are impacted by the job. In this instance, the tag has no effect on any devices.

Notion image
Notion image
Notion image

If another Tag is chosen, it looks like this:

Notion image
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