Agent Installation

1. Download Agent

Download the latest stable Agent:

download agent

2. Install on your Windows Machines

If you execute the Installer without any parameters, a wizard will guide you through the Installation. This is the recommended way for your first Agent installation.

Later you will probably install the Agent in unattended mode. This can be done with the /S parameter (Uppercase S for silent installation). With the /U parameter (Uppercase U for upgrade), the Installer will check if an Agent is already installed and install only in case of an older Agent or no Agent.

In bigger Environments, you probably prefer to rollout the Agent with a Group Policy.

3. Take a look at your hardware

The Agent is creating the hardware Object in the CMDB. A few minutes after installation you should see your hardware.

Hardware Read more about the CMDB here

A few minutes after a new installation the Agent is fetching Inventory and Windows Update statistics. This would be visualized in the Update Center

Update Center