Each Hardware or Person has to be assigned to a Site. This is the base location of them.


If you like to make a more detailed model of your company, you can create Buildings, Sub Buildings (e.g. Floors) and Rooms. Hardware can be assigned to Rooms.

Rooms can also contain Racks and Patch Panels. These entries can be used in the module PNAC. e.g. Assign Switches to Racks.

Create subnets in Sites

When creating new sites, the corresponding subnets can also be created. To do that go CMDB -> Site -> Create. Upon clicking on the checkbox, further setting options are shown.

Create Subnet in Site

Site management

XEOX allows you to create multiple Sites in your Organization. This makes it easier to divide your Organization in locations or departments.

In order to automatically assign a hardware to a site, following configuration must be done:

Go to CMDB -> Sites and select "Default Site for new Agents".

Default Site

If a "Default Site" has already been defined in "other Site", the "Default Site" configuration will be transferred to current Site.

If "Default Site for new Agents" is selected, new hardware that cannot be assigned via the IP is automatically assigned to this Site.

Select Site using IP

If you want to assign new hardware to a Site using the IP address, you should first define the corresponding Subnet.

For more Information: IP Plan

Important: This feature only works if the Subnet is assigned to a Site

As soon as new hardware registers, XEOX checks whether a suitable Subnet is available in your organization.

Only IP addresses are used which have been assigned via a wired or wireless interface. The wired connection is always preferred. As soon as a subnet is found, the hardware is assigned to the Site defined in your Subnet.

XEOX uses the best matching subnet:

  • e.g. for IP
  • XEOX prefers configurations in versus

Update Site using CMDB Multiedit

Go to CMDB -> Hardware and click on "Columns" and select "Current Site" to see the Calculated Site for your Hardware.

CMDB Current Site

Now you should see a new column "Current Site" that shows the calculated Site based on your Hardware's IP.

Multiedit current Site

Now you can see that some Devices are outside their calculated Site. To correct this, select your Hardware and click on Multi-Edit.

Multiedit autoupdate

Click on Site and select "--- Calculated from IP ---". Now click on Save to move your selected Hardware to previously calculate Site.

Warning: Be careful when changing other attributes. e.g. Altered attributes are the same for all selected devices.

Assign IP subnets in IP Plan sites

To assign subnets to a site, you must check "create new subnet assigned to this site" when creating or editing a site. Then you can enter the data of the different subnets.