Asset Management/CMDB

What is a CMDB

A "Configuration Management Database"(CMDB) is a database for accessing and administrating configuration elements like a server, an IT-service, a telephone, a network-component or a computer. That means in the "CMDB" module is the data of the hardware that has access to the network. "CMDB" fills and synchronizes a separate RADIUS database. You can find the list of the devices that have access to the network under the menu "Hardware" on the XEOX app.

You have two options to store a device in the database:

  • You can push the "Create" button on the XEOX app and enter the information manually. You need to fill in the hostname, site and hardware type, otherwise the device is not defined. Any other information is optional.

  • You can install an "Agent" and it automatically stores all needed information in the "Hardware" list and simultaneously looks if there are any new updates needed or available. Every customer has an "Agent" defined. If a CMDB device has already been created manually, it is automatically updated when an agent is installed.



Naming your Device

When renaming a device that already has an agent installed, you should consider if the name is already in use This has two reasons:

  • The host name should always be unique.
  • If the host name changes but the token (a unique key for the agent installation) remains the same and the new host name already exists, the existing one will be renamed. For example PC1 will turn into PC1_OLD.

CMDB Configuration

With the CMDB configuration you can set the name of the user-defined fields for hardware and person.

Custom Field List

Create Custom Field

New Custom Field List

Custom Fields in Hardware